Tips for Authors

Here are a few tips that I've found have helped me over the years!

Use a planner / calendar with stickers to track your daily writing process. Each sticker equals a number of words (maybe 250 or 500) and when you reach that number you put a sticker on that day! At then end of the week / month you can see a visual of your progress to keep you motivated. This will trick your brain into wanting to write more because you get a reward each time you hit a word count.

Write out of order! I know you think that you have to write each chapter or scene in order but you can get a lot more done if you jump around. Use an outline to keep track but if you find yourself stuck and unable to move forward, jump around and write a scene you've been excited to write. You might find that this inspires you for other parts of your story.

Use a poster board and Post-It-Notes to track your scenes! You can visually see your entire story laid out in front of you. The timeline will become clearer and you can spot plot holes. You can move scene around and restructure your story as needed. 

Every time you have something that needs to be accomplished in the story (finding something or meeting up with someone) make sure you write that down in a list that you can check off later. This will help you not forget small details that create a stronger story.